The Team

We bring our unique capabilities to enable leaders with relevant context to enhance brand, practices and business outcomes.


Raghu Kalé – Author and CEO Striking Ideas

Raghu Kalé is an accomplished communications professional who has positively impacted business outcomes by supporting corporate and operational strategy. 

He has worked with corporate board members and business leaders, helping alter the conversations for leadership with his creative, divergent thinking. 

His systems thinking approach in leading communication has helped reconfigure efficiency and productivity by developing a trans-disciplinary understanding of the realities about running and changing a business and making sustainable impacts to deliver performance — while being mindful of the scalability for developing future organizational capabilities.

In his experience spanning over three decades he has worked in technology companies, corporate services, consulting, hospitality and advertising.

His divergent thinking brings out stunning and striking ideas rooted in experiences that find an expression in myriad, result-oriented business initiatives — in thought provoking articles, original concepts, creative films, and books. His ability to connect with people on an honest level helps him draw out their deepest insights and opinions — a trait which he has leveraged to build compelling stories in the form of short documentary films. His other interests include photography and music. 

Formerly, Raghu was Vice President — Office of the Brand Custodian, Tata Sons, and supported brand and marketing thought leadership initiatives. Currently, he is the CEO of Striking Ideas LLC and working on his next book The Latency Factor


Prashant Hoskoté – Lead L&S Custodian

Prashant is an Advisor and the Lead L&S Custodian towards proliferation effort in bringing the L&S principles to business enterprises. 

We are at the cusp of taking steps towards our expedition in setting up a collaborative platform to support and help enterprises around the world to benefit from the L&S philosophy.

Prashant has a storied track record of engaged in advisory services in the areas of Business Excellence, Business Process Management, Innovation Management, along with Digital Transformation, Lean Six Sigma, Juran’s Problem Solving methodology supporting business leaders across Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, and Real Estate. As Senior Director – Quality, Service Excellence, and Innovation for the Max Group, Prashant integrated Strategic Quality, Customer Experience, Excellence, and Innovation agenda for Max Group companies serving enterprises around the world. 

Prashant has over 30 years of expertise in the Quality and Customer Experience domain and has served as a Member – On the National Board for Quality Promotion at the Quality Council of India, New Delhi, India. Vice-Chair – Quality Management Division - Global (Asia and Australia) at ASQ, USA. Chairperson - Organizational Excellence Technical Committee at ASQ’s Quality Management Division, USA. Member - National Executive Committee (NEC) of the CRM Academy of Asia. And was recognized – “50 Most Talented Quality Professionals” citation at the World Quality Congress June 2014 and Featured as one of the Frontrunners in the Executive Focus column of Business India.