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Passion projects in films.

Combining his love for story-telling with his passion for music and photography, Raghu has written, directed, produced, edited, and sometimes even composed music, working with music directors and FX sound engineers, to bring his films alive. He has perfected the art of using the cyber space to pool in talent spread over two to three time zones, across countries, thus harnessing the best from around the world. He has produced over 200+ short films, documentaries and corporate videos that fall into three categories

Unscripted Thematic: Based on ad lib conversations. The theme of the documentary is agreed upon and personalities are invited to speak spontaneously on camera. Leading the conversation to the purpose of the documentary is done by the interviewer. As an interviewer, Raghu would have an overall game-plan in mind as to what parts he would finally use in his edit. This game-plan alters based on conversations with the subject on camera.

Scripted Pitch: A pre-conceived narrative. The flow of the film is pre-decided and the protagonist is filmed while reading a script from a teleprompter. Voiceover is sometimes necessary. Music and special effects are added to make the movie come alive.

Leading Thoughts: Thought leaders speak on a specific theme. In these videos, business leaders share their experiences, talk about their work and topics they are passionate about.

In 72 Hours: A category of its own. Getting it right in the first attempt with no hurdles for approval is when those cried out for help in dire situations. Raghu has produced films from available B-roll and stock footage by writing the script, setting graphics, editing, composing music, and special effects — all in just 72 hours.


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