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We strive to enable business leaders with relevant context to support brand and business outcomes. Striking Ideas brings its unique capabilities to usher new horizons.


  • The single biggest problem in communication, as observed by wise minds, is that the act of communicating suffers from an illusion that it has taken place. 

  • Strategic objectives that touch all associates do require persuasive communication. Well curated communication could ignite the senses and create steadfast engagement. Such an effort can result in a bouquet of promise as a value proposition that gets delivered. At the heart of these four quadrants, the brand gravity can get strengthened. 

  • Leadership communication has a profound influence on stakeholders. Our focus is on the two most fundamental building blocks in value creation: Brand and Employee Engagement. 

  • Harnessing thought leadership via robust communication practices can have a lasting impact on key stakeholders and partners — every organization has a unique footprint of value-chain. Interpreting the value-chain and infusing the required level of communication with a rhythm and context can be like getting a well-oiled machine to run without flaws. 

  • Our experience and expertise has supported teams and organizations spread across geographies.

Endorsed by Global Leaders


Whenever human interaction occurs – it presents an opportunity to collaborate, cooperate, compromise, and adjust. 

The book Loyalty and Sacrifice  Ushering New Horizons for Business Leaders in the Digital Age provides a context to the factors of loyalty in its L&S principles. 

These principles unravel the mysteries of the loyalty factor where sacrifice is elusively hidden in plain sight. This new philosophy elevates the conversation about loyalty towards ushering a new horizon for human progress that business leaders can effect with the plethora of digital tools at their disposal. 

This new philosophy has the potential of providing value to enhance stakeholder relationships. Business enterprises around the world could benefit immensely with this distinctly new thinking for B2C and B2B businesses. 

We recognize that while leaders craft the destiny of their respective organizations, they lead and exploit the opportunities — the role of leadership coaches and facilitators is a divine intervention that deserves special attention in ushering new horizons.  

We believe that this new thinking can immensely help business leaders. Therefore, we are setting up a collaborative platform to support and help enterprises around the world to benefit from the L&S philosophy.

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